Tom Carnevale Achievements

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Tom Carnevale is one of the most famous names in the industry of video surveillance in the present days. He also belongs to one of the executive leaders these days that is most successful in the field. Many recognized him because of his experience in the industry the great triumph of the company. He is currently the President of the Sentry 360 Security, which is a reputable company that is specializing in the high-resolution surveillance cameras and software management systems with state of the art. Tom has been in the industry of telecommunications where he obtained better insights and developed new skills that he used in building the JCS Digital Security, his first entrepreneurial startup.

The company is mainly focusing on how to implement the surveillance technologies with highest quality for the use of commercial and governmental consumers. Tom has big responsibilities being the Sentry 360 Security CEO to lead the company to constant success. He was acknowledged by many different publications and organizations.

Tom CarnevaleAs a matter of fact, his company received The Security Products New Product of the Year Awards due to the company’s achievements on excellent product development, from which their products are considered as noteworthy because of their capability of enhancing security.

Tom has been a speaker in the International Security Conference at ISC West in 2012. This is to help the users in picking the right technology best suited to their CCTV systems. A year after he became a speaker at ISC East. It is focusing on the Ultra-Resolution surveillance in delivering accuracy detail even at great distances. He delivered a speech remarkably at the NYC Battery Pack Post 911 and IP User Group security meeting of the municipal, which include the topic such as the Video Storage Compression, IP Video Convergence and Intelligent Video Applications.

Furthermore, he is frequently an active consultant of the Gerson Lehman Group in which he is educating many huge investment leaders across the globe on the latest trends in the technology of video surveillance. He was also recently named as a consultant in scholar level, which could only mean that he is really in demand for about 70 percent among the 400 consultants. As the Chairman and CEO of the Sentry 360 Security, Tom can make various projects aiming to improve the overall experience of their customers in many different industries. He is proficient in terms of security engineering and design, sales managements, IP video convergence, product development, infrastructure evaluation, corporate identity and in developing road maps of the product.